Links A cult movie filmed in my silo. Say hello to Director Joshua Brown for me. Ed Peden's official web site for the sale of decommissioned ICBM silos, and other strange things. This site deals with all things relating to the Atlas series of ICBMs, in particular, the D, E, and Fs Site of the amazing Phil, who contructed this site! Fitz, a fellow silo mole, and some fantastic 3D images being constructed of the Atlas-F silo My favourite builders, and good eye candy too;) International standard potographic studio and facilily, right here in Sydney. Without a doubt, Tony White is one of the world's finest jewellers. Visit this site, then prove me wrong! De De Ce is one of the most elegant and sophisticated furniture showrooms on the planet, and trust me, I've been around. This is Tony Castillo's site. For all us ground-dwellers, it's a great resource, and nobody can match Tony's enthusiasm.

www.ncpr Radio interview with NCPR