True Story Part 4

After a full tour of the complex, we spent the rest of that day touring some of the one-million square miles (or acres) of the wondrous Adirondack Park. Then after a quick stop-off at the local must-see “Betty Beaver’s Truck Stop”, we headed for Joel Shapiro’s Sculptor garden and his Frank Lloyd Wright designed house on Lake Champlain.

Dennis was doing some repair work on the building at the time, and Mr Shapiro generously agreed to a visit. It was a truly beautiful environment the Shapiro’s had built as their lake house and studio, until Dennis stepped back into one of the $400,000 sculptures. After reassembling the sculpture in a fashion that could only be repeated by the Three Stooges, we quickly headed off to the mighty Ausable Chasm and Falls, a picnic lunch on the banks of Shadow Lake, and best of all, Lake Placid’s Lumberjack Supply Store. After each purchasing something never to be worn again, it was back to Bouquet for the big bash, again catered for by Friar Tuck of the Deer’s Head.

Dennis with Steve Bowers to the rescue.
HRH Tina, Tony, and Dr Ottavio
A picnic lunch on the banks of Shadow Lake

So anyway, aside from a failing septic pump, and having to call back the plumbers at six-thirty on a Saturday evening, everything was proceeding to plan. Dennis was down on the lower level helping Pencil-vania with her preparations for the big drag show. Terry was screaming for Pencil to help her with a new curling-wand she had stolen from the Ralf Lauren outlet (well she described it as a steal). Tony White, Princess Tina Radziwill (daughter of Lee, nice of Jacky O), and Lina Cogolo (Italian importer of Kangaroo meats to Italy) were hunkered down over a pack of something. Dr Orancio (NY neurologist and ex husband of Tina Radziwill), Joan Bowers (the queen of novelties, Indian pilgrimages, and raconteur) and her daughter Ngita (film biz) were helping with the table placements. No one had any idea of Margie’s whereabouts, but most likely was comparing party shoes and travel anecdotes with Diana Davidson (artist and master printer). I on the other hand had had quite enough of organising stuff, and was instead showing Steve Bowers (architect) the finer points of the Emergency Escape Systems throughout the complex, accompanied by indescribable sounds from the giant septic system in the bowels of the Launch Control Centre.

Ottavio Arancio, Stu (aka Pennsyl-Vania), and the practiced Party-Princess, Terry Sissian prepare for the big dooo.

Although I had done as much as I could to get the LCC ready for the party, it was still in a state that could hardly be called home. Most of the work to date had involved cleaning out vast amounts of rubbish, refurbishing the now infamous septic system, rewiring the entire LCC, installing an appropriate heating system, re-plumbing the bathroom, laundry and kitchen, plus all the other things to make the space barely liveable. Although the silo was in no condition for Vogue, it didn’t really matter; my friends were thrilled to be there, and more than they could imagine, I was thrilled to have them.

When the call finally came from the lower level that the show was about to begin, everyone scrambled down the stair to take their seats on the strategically placed camp stretcher beds. It was like Dietrich herself was about to entertain the troops of the 556th squadron, except it was better. The builder’s lights were switched on, a curtain of aluminium foil was brushed aside, and then to the beat of Major Tong, Pennsyl-Vania stepped through in an outfit that would make a cosmonaut cry. It was a fabulous show, full of pre-mixes, dazzling costumes, and acres of tinsel, although the dents on the Launch Control Consol from the camouflage stilettos took forever to buff out.

After the show, and several encore performances, the audience through themselves onto the stage for a meet-n-greet.

When it was all over, Pennsyl popped into something more demure, and then everyone retired to the upper level for a lavish spread of Cajun Combo and Sweet Saffron-rice Chicken, chocolate mouse cake (my fave) and decent coffee.

Ms Vania insisted on first meeting Ottavioand HRH Tina, after all, she is almost aqueen herself.

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