The Future

There have been many fantasies about what the future holds for the Bouquet 556. My favourite however, is the concept of using the silo as a dance party venue. Below are some cross sections through the silo and LCC. If you click on the highlighted grids, a larger image of that area will pop up.

Although I love this idea, I’m without the funds to achieve it, so if you’re interested in becoming involved in this, or any other ideas you might have for the silo, please write to me. My ultimate goal is to do something with the silo, and I’d love to do it with somebody who shares fantasy:)
The link to the right (“Dance Party”) is a study I prepared.

This image is a montage section through the Launch Control Center. The People pix are those who attended my 40th party at the silo. Click on the image for a closer view.

This proposal includes M.A.S.H. style post party accommodations.

Like the image above, click anywere for a closer view.