Aircraft Hanger Proposal

Operations and Head Office of HeliAir PL. Adelaide SA

In collaboration with the Adelaide Airport Authority, the HeliAir Group is planning its expansion and relocation to a larger site within the grounds of Adelaide Airport. Under a single roof, the brief called for the facility to include the Group’s Operations Office, Maintenance and Engineering, Pilot Training, and Conference Facilities, with allowances for future Pilot Emergency Accommodations.

Unusually, the brief also called for the design of the facility to be an iconic representation of the business: an architectural symbol of safety, modernity, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Clad entirely in thermo-efficient composite materials such as Danpalon (tm) Polycarbonate, the structure was designed to appear as a living, breathing and dynamic organism, both from the ground, and most importantly, from the air.

West Elevation
East Elevation and Public Access.
Day or night, the building pulsates with life and activity.
West Elevation
Taking advantage of the building's translucency and the overhead passing traffic.

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