Grand Country Estate

NSW. Australia

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You may very-well think this is a serious departure from my usual style, but it was in fact the first building I ever designed from the ground up. Okay, I was just finding myself! That said, this client and I have moved on, and we have since collaborated on some of the most interesting projects of my career.

Although I and my partners at the time (Interni Design) were responsible for the interiors of the main homestead, the design of the building went to somebody else. During the construction of the homestead, I was commissioned to design this pool house in somewhat the same style.

Believe it or not, the original design was of a building twice this size. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Having just visited the Petit Trianon at the Chateau de Versailles, my inspriation requires no explanatiion.

This building had to house a major kitchen, bar, and entertaining area, as well as an artists studio and all the usual living facilities.

Kitchen and Sitting area
Pool Area
Rear Garden
Tennis Court