Portfolio Update

Some of the images on this page are update photos to the previous projects, plus new work and work in progress.

Beachside house Entry Stair

Beachside house Bar / Dining

Beachside house Dining / Kitchen Option 1

Beachside house Dining / Kitchen Option 2

Beachside house Sitting room / Bar

Beachside house Media/Bar

Beachside house Media Room

Astolobe bench seat

Elizabeth Bay Apartment Top Terrace

The following forteen photographs are of a two-level penthouse apartment immediately after the build and before decorating. The top level was a completely new building. The glass bricks fill the hole for the old spiral stair to the roof terrace.

Top Terrace Before


Bed 2


Entry Hall 2

Old Stair New Stair

Entry Hall


Level 10 Terrace

Sitting Room


Master Bedroom

Master Ensuite

Night Terrace



House - Northern Beaches concept

Morning light in Kangaroo Valley

These two beautiful photographs were taken for the cover of Highlife magazine by photographer, Tony Sheffield. They're the best!


Tony really did stay over and was up at a sparrow's fart to take these.

Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre

Women's Changeroom and Spa Proposal.

Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre

Women's Changeroom

Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre

Women's Changeroom and Spa Proposal

Elizabeth Bay Apartment

Stormwater House - Tarana NSW

Master Bedroom ... with cow

Stormwater House - Tarana NSW

Sitting / Dining rooms

Stormwater House - Tarana NSW

African Resort Proposal - Hotel Juba South Sudan

I've borrowed some design cues from those magnificent mud towers of the Sudan for the contemporary addition to an old hotel resort in the south.

Juba Hotel Men's Spa

Juba Hotel Hallway 2

Juba Hotel ensuite

Juba Hotel double suite

Juba Hotel Women's Day Spa

Juba Hotel Hallway 1

Skinner House

These photos are additional to the Skinner House photos of the previous page. Although this house was constructed almost two decades ago, I never really had any good photos of it until now.

Sinner House


Skinner House

View from North Terraces

Skinner House

North Terraces

Skinner House

Bedroom Terraces. The awnings made from copper clad sheets of marine ply were added a few years later.

Skinner House

Harbour and Pool Terrace from top floor

Skinner House

North Terrace

Skinner House

View from Dining Room

Skinner House

Art installation

Skinner House

Wine cellar

Sydney Res

Approved and ready to build.

Sydney Res

Air Reticulation System

Sydney Res

Basement Hall

Sydney Res


Sydney Res

Family Room north

Sydney Res

Family Room

Sydney Res

Sitting Room out to reflection pond

Sydney Res

Library out to Zen Court

Sydney Res

Bridge through Atrium.

Sydney Res

Entrance Hall

K.V. Garden

Additional to the architectural photos of this house, I thought I'd also show how the garden was shaping up. We recently installed these six hundred sleepers to the embankment ... BY HAND!

K.V. Garden

K.V. Garden

K.V. Garden

K.V. Garden

Mondo Studios

Mondo Studios

Longueville dwelling


Longueville dwelling

Kitchen/breakfast area

Longueville dwelling

View from the opposite side of the wall.

Longueville dwelling

The concept here was that the walls were like leafs of paper hanging in space. Views down to the other levels could be had through the gaps between the paper.

Kangaroo Valley Proposal

This is similar to the design I originally had for the other Kangaroo Valley house. I always liked it, so decided to re-submit it for another project.

Silo Solar Bank

This is how I intend to collect light and heat in depths of the Silo.

Mini Solar Bank

And this is how I'll be testing the theory with a smaller version of the above. Refer to the diagram for how it works.

Mini Solar Bank Diag.

Stormwater House as of 1st Nov. 2010

After a rocky start, construction begins on Stormwater House. It's a beautiful thing.

West Aspect

Central Passage

East Aspect

Ephemeral Art

I love the way the patterns on the concrete walls continue to change, generating what almost looks like a Richard Diebenkorn or a Cy Twombly or even a Rothko.


A work in progress on the Mediteranian Coast
This is a meditation pavilion constructed from concrete form-work and cascading poems of laser-cut steel

Silo Conversion

Another work in progress on the Mediteranian

Silo Conversion

Not my usual kind of silo

Silo Conversion

Interior 1

Silo Conversion

Interior 2

Wintergarden Apartment

Wintergarden Sofa Detail