After 1998
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The following photos are of various rooms off the main area on the top level of the LCC. These three are are of the kitchen /dining area. Naturally, I placed the clocks and chose the cities, but I’m sure the Air Force would have had some choice cities of their own.

On the wall are historic images of this and other silos, both during construction, and operations.

Miraculously, the bathroom somehow survived, and with some restoration, and a hell of a lot of Draino, I imagine this is how it looked.

Level Two

This new and open space is still a work in progress. I’ve left two rooms standing; one is a convenient storage room just behind the Launch Console, and the other is what’s now the heating room. Many people query my choice of color for this space. I wanted something colourful and strong, but still in-keeping with the industrial theme. The orange fitted this perfectly. The dark grey sets off the orange with dramatic effect. The space is primarily for sleeping, so I didn’t have a problem with this selection being darker than I usually would make it.

RIGHT: I stencilled the Air Force’s original designation on one of the exposed beams.

It still irks me to see photographs like this.
What’s an ICBM silo without a few flight suits
This switching unit is the preserved piece of equipment in the LCC. I’m sure if I ran some power through it, it would turn something on.

Suffice to say, I couldn’t find an appropriate looking bed for this area, so off to the hardware shop again. I found three trollies, three grab rails, a plank of wood, and a desk light from Staples. Bloody marvellous! I made two of them, by which time I had enough of the handyman routine, so for any more than one guests, they have to pump up their own beds.

Purchased for a few hundred dollars in a local juck shop, this Charles and Ray Eames chair and ottoman was my greatest find. It’s not something you would have found in an operational silo, but it was designed around the same time, and as far as I’m concerned it looks perfect. The clock table was from Kmart.

Same applies for the Nuke coffee table, although this one required some tricky painting.

I ripped appart an old TV because I love the shape and texture of the now redundant Cathode Ray Tubes. I intended for it to be just a decorative thing, but the bloody thing was still working, so I hooked it to the ceiling, pointed the remote at it, and before I knew it, there was Larry King going bla, bla, bla.

This old communications hub was in a terrible mess. Aside from the fact that everyone thinks it’s my wine rack, it’s actually the bones of a new sculpture I’m planning.

Back out into the stairwell and into the Utility Tunnel. I decided to retain the original cables running from the silo to the LCC